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HABiol stone care kit

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HABiol stone care kit

Product description

HABiol stone care can be applied to all open-pored, untreated stone surfaces. No matter whether natural or artificial stone! The natural resins penetrate the stone pores and harden there, thus sustainably protecting the surface.

This prevents the penetration of dirt and moisture to a large extent. This keeps your product as good as new and increases the lifetime of your stone panel.

The main component of HABiol stone care is cold, pressed linseed oil. Greater spreading is achieved by adding natural resins, viscosity and drying accelerators.

Area of application
Indoor and outdoor use

Instructions for care
1. Dust off the surface
2. Thoroughly clean the surface with non-aggressive household cleaning agents
3. Remove stubborn dirt with a wet special pad without applying pressure
4. Remove loose dirt and film residues and wipe off again with a damp cloth

After thorough cleaning and when the surface is completely dry,
apply the care oil with a lint-free cloth and distribute it very thin and evenly over the stone surface using circular movements.
Rub the surface completely dry with a soft cloth or a soft polishing pad.
Material requirement approx. 5 to 10 g per m².
Rub the care surface completely dry as remaining wet patches can lead to shiny spots or a difference in shine.
The treated surface can be used again after approx. 4 hours of complete drying.

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