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• What is HABiol/HABiol UV?
HABiol/HABiol UV is a purely biological and antibacterial wood care oil used for the impregnation, care and protection of natural wood surfaces.

• Ingredients of HABiol/HABiol UV?
The main component of HABiol is cold, pressed linseed oil. Greater spreading is achieved by adding natural resins, viscosity and drying accelerators.

• Effect of HABiol/HABiol UV?
The main components of HABiol/HABiol UV include cold-pressed linseed oil as well as natural tree resins that soak into the pores of the wood, thus preventing the penetration of liquids and contaminants to a large extent.
The deep impregnation maintains the natural character of the wood. Solid wood panels treated with HABiol/HABiol UV breathe, are not electrostatic and have an antibacterial effect. In addition, solid wood can absorb moisture and also release it again if the humidity is low. This, in turn, ensures a healthy room climate.

• HABiol / HABiol UV wood care oil – UV oil or oxidative hardening wood care oil?
HABiol/HABiol UV are UV oils as well as oxidative hardening oils. What does this mean? Oxidative hardening oils harden due to a reaction with the oxygen contained in the room air. This can be achieved manually.
UV oils harden due to intense irradiation with UV light. This procedure is technically complex and is used exclusively in industry.

• How do I apply the HABiol wood care oil?
Evenly apply HABiol/HABiol UV thinly with a brush, roller, sponge, flat brush or cloth. Cleanly wipe off the excess within the "open time" – i.e. approx. 20 minutes – with an absorbent fabric cloth and polish in until no wet patches remain.
Allow to soak in for approx. 1-4 hours and repeat the treatment. Complete hardening and resilience of the surface to be treated after approx. 10 days. Ready for installation and packaging after approx. 1 hour.

• Is pretreatment necessary beforehand?
Every substrate must generally be properly cleaned, clean, dry, free of grease and oil.
For wood, solid veneer and parquet: Finely sand the substrate (e.g. grain 180-200) and carefully clean of dust. Do not apply HABiol/HABiol UV to any surface that was previously treated with products containing wax. Test the compatibility of the product at an inconspicuous location beforehand.

• How do the devices have to be cleaned?
We recommend cleaning all aids (brush, paint tray, etc.) with a brush cleaner after use!

• How do I dispose of the cloths that have come into contact with HABiol/HABiol UV?                                                       Oil-soaked cloths must be disposed of in closed steel containers due to the risk of spontaneous combustion or hung up to dry and then disposed of in the household rubbish.

• How often do I have to treat/re-treat the wood with HABiol/HABiol UV?
It always depends on the demands on the surface. A simple test – if a water drop no longer rolls off the surface, follow-up treatment with HABiol/HABiol UV is recommended.
Treatment 4x a year is regarded as a guideline for a kitchen worktop (our HABiol or HABiol UV wood care oil set is suitable for this).

• How does it need to be stored?
Store HABiol/HABiol UV in cool, dry and well-sealed conditions.

• How much HABiol and HABiol UV do I need?
1 litre of HABiol/HABiol UV is sufficient (for the initial treatment) for 12-15m². For follow-up treatment or care, this is sufficient for up to 50 m².
For initial treatment, we recommend a second coat!

• What packaging sizes are available?
1 litre, 5 litres and 30 litres, as well as in a set (250 ml wood care oil + 2 cloths + 1 sanding block).

• Difference between HABiol and HABiol UV?
HABiol and HABiol UV are purely biological and antibacterial wood care oils used for the protection of natural wood surfaces.
HABiol UV also provides UV protection and counteracts the deterioration of wood surfaces due to sunlight (UV rays). HABiol UV is able to significantly reduce damage due to increasingly aggressive UV light.

• Area of application for HABiol and HABiol UV?
HABiol is intended for use in the indoor area. HABiol UV is suitable for the indoor and outdoor area.

• Advantages of HABiol/HABiol UV?
o Easy application
o Low consumption (consumption during initial treatment approx. 1l /12-15 m²)
o Extremely short drying time
o Biological
o Antibacterial
o Colour-neutral
o Long-term stability
o Suitable for all types of wood and all untreated wooden surfaces
o Seamless finish
o UV protection diminishes yellowing, greying and darkening (HABiol UV)
o Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (HABiol UV)
o Depot effect (completely hardens in the pores of the wood)
o Impregnation
o Care
o Protection

• What should I do if shiny patches appear on the wood after treatment with HABiol/HABiol UV?
Sand off the shiny patch and then oil again with HABiol/HABiol UV. This ensures a seamless finish.
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