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What our customers say:

...... I have been using your product for years and started an experiment in my kitchen, which I would like to show you in the attached photo. This is a washbasin with two basins made of solid maple wood treated with your Habiol product for 5 years. In this household 5 people live and there is NO dishwasher and everything is washed by hand in these pools ...

Best regards,
Florian K. | Dipl. Ing. (FH) Architect

Masterpiece jewelry designer - checkered maple / Purple Heart treated with Habiol
secretary from Bubinga solid wood and treatment with HABiol UV wood care oil

Table drawer of a journeyman table - table made of Bubinga wood and treated with HABiol UV wood care oil
Sink treated with HABiol UV wood care oil prevents the penetration into the worktop American walnut. Stainless steel cleaning with HARell Bio Cleaner.

Solid table rustic oak treated with HABiol care wood oil white pigmented, the wood grain is clearly visible.
Table Solid wood walnut American for the demonstration like water beads by the application of HABiol wood care oil.

Dear Habiol team, I got the wood care oil UV for my journeyman. The oil was super, the surface is perfect. I got 96 points for the journeyman. Many Thanks. Ulrike Becker
Terraces of bankirai wood-
Step 1: Remove old residues with HABiol Profi Basic Cleaner.
Step 2 Treat the wood with HABiol UV. Difference clearly visible.

Cleaned and braced teak bench with HABiol UV. It appears in the new splendor.

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