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HABiol Color wood care oil


Product description

HABiol Color wood care oil is based on our HABiol which has been successful for years, with excellent deep impregnation for the colouring of all types of wood. The wood can be coloured and oiled in one step which saves work and, hence, valuable time. One or two applications is/are sufficient. HABiol Color is very high yielding and easy to process (consumption approx. 50-80 g/m²).

HABiol Color penetrates up to 4 mm into the pores of the wood and hardens there completely. At the same time, the colour pigments generate a high level of UV protection. A quality product for enhancing the finish of national and exotic woods during new and renovation work.

Habiol Color is available in the 9 following colours:magnolia, teak, chestnut, walnut, mahogany,  dark grey, light grey, white and black.

In summary, the following advantages of HABiol Color can be highlighted:
Easy to use
Low consumption (consumption for initial treatment approx. 1l /15 m²)
Extremely short drying time
Long-term stability
Suitable for all types of wood and all untreated wooden surfaces
Seamless finish                                                                                                                                             UV protection diminishes yellowing, greying and darkening                                                                               suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

areas of application:
Worktops, furniture, tables, windows, doors, fences, garage doors, etc.

The main components of HABiol Color include cold-pressed linseed oil as well as
natural tree resins and inorganic pigments, which impregnate into wooden pores and
thus considerably prevent the penetration of liquids and contaminants.

working guidelines:
Shake well for approx. 1 minute before use!
1. Sand and remove dust from natural wooden surfaces with 180 granulation.
2. Apply HABiol Color with cloth, brush or sponge.
3. Leave to take effect for 20 minutes, then remove any surplus
and completely rub dry.
4. Allow to dry for at least six hours.
5. Repeat process 2-3 times. A very strong pigmentation can be achieved
with this method.
6. Allow to dry for at least six hours.
7. In case of repair, the surface can be touched up without edges.
A little bit of sensitivity is required here.

The HABiol Color product is fully set in the pores of the wood after approx.
7 days and the surface resistant to moisture penetration.

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